Design is not just what it looks & feels like — design is how it works.”

Steve Jobs co-founder of Apple, Inc.

Lukas Oppermann

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How I work

I believe that a simple solution is often the best for a complex problem. However, anybody who works in design knows that simple and easy are two very different things.

Design is the point where business and user needs converge. It is my job as a designer to find out how to bring value to the customer while meeting company goals.

I believe I bring the most value mixing hands-on project work with coaching & developing a team. This includes aligning with stakeholders, shaping the company culture & developing the design process.

I want to love what I do, so I like to work with motivated and collaborative teams. I value honest & respectful feedback, regardless of title and department. Everyone can have good ideas and there is always something to learn from the people you work with.

I love to design in the open & strongly involve stakeholders in the process. I also advocate for early involvement of customers, testing at every stage of a project.

Methods & topics I love